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Cured Jumbo Gourmet
Red Russian Garlic Bulbs

BHF produces only one variety from one garlic cultivar ~ and we do it well.


Our cultivar: Marble Purple Stripe

Our Variety: Red Russian


Did you know....

There are 10 garlic cultivars (families) each with about 10 garlic varieties (family members). That is, there are (over) 100 varieties of garlic, in total!


Red Russian garlic comes in bulbs that average in weight from 3-6 ounces each (3-6 bulbs per pound).

Each bulb averages 5-6 large, juicy cloves with an intense, rich aroma and savory flavor that boosts the nutritional-health and taste of any meal.

Red Russian Garlic farm-gate sales - SOLD OUT in 10 days in 2021!

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