Our Story


Bradner Hills Farm (BHF) specializes in superb quality, pesticide & spray-free jumbo-sized (4-7+ ounce bulbs) gourmet Red Russian Garlic!

We are family owned and operated in the Fraser Valley, Southwestern British Columbia, Canada. 

In 1936, our family settled in Bradner ~  a small, rural community in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Grandpa and Grandma Kilian (Vincent and Helen) started our farm by growing hay and pasture to feed the dairy cows that produced milk for Dairyland. Later, our Dad and Mom, Jim and Faye  Kilian, raised and sold Limousine Beef cattle (also enabling us to enjoy 4H through our childhood). Now, in our latest farming adventure, "The Kilian kids" are growing Garlic!

We welcome you to browse our website, read our story and enjoy our traditionally-grown, high-quality, flavor-filled garlic!

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Bradner Hills Farm (Garlic) began as a passing 2015 dinner conversation on

"how neat it would be to...".

By 2016, we had reconditioned our 2 old and faithful tractors, bought a 2-tine plough, and greased our new (old) rototiller. After attending a "How to grow (spray and pesticide free) Garlic" workshop, we sent our soil to the lab for analysis. We verified the soil pH and fertility then added some organic chicken compost.

In 2017 we planted 2800 plants. We learned (the hard way) about weed management: pulling January weeds in sub-zero temperatures in our fishing waders with frozen fingers!

In 2018, our crop grew to 15,000. Our organic weed management included laying some 60 lb recycled kraft paper sprinkled with some hardwood chips (for weight) and organic chopped silage. Those hearty little Red Russians poked through!

By June 2019, we had 10,000 garlic scapes for sale. As this product is still fairly unknown in Canada (it's well known in Asian Cuisine), we offered our scapes to our faithful retailers ~ pro-bono ~ to help consumers familiarize with this amazing, unsung garlic hero!

Check out these garlic scape recipes! 

With the scapes removed, 10,000 large bulbs (averaging 4-7 oz each) were ready for sale in August 2019,  For the 2020 and 2021 crops, 18,000 seeds were planted.

Annually, in early July, we sell custom-ordered "green" (aka: "fresh") Red Russian Russian bulbs. After that, we harvest and hang our bulbs for 3 weeks ~ to ensure they are dry and well-cured. Our intention is to offer properly-processed bulbs to enable consumers to have the best chance at storing their bulbs (in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area with low humidity) into the winter months.

In 2020, we trialed our newest, ready-to-use frozen "BHF Garlic Gold Bars" and unpeeled cloves. They sold out by October!

In 2021, the dry-weather and an unfamiliar "heat-dome" covered BC. Although awful for wildfires and multi-community evacuations, it proved positive for drying the healthy, robust 2021 Red Russian Garlic harvest of 18,000 bulbs! Feeling more secure in our garlic wisdom, we hosted 3 days of "Garlic U-Pick Events". Beyond harvesting garlic, these events built community spirit and blossomed new relationships. To-be garlic gardeners enjoyed live chat times learning from our successes, mistakes & evolving knowledge base.

Next year's 2022 harvest goal - more than DOUBLE 2021: 38,000 bulbs!  Stay tuned.... :)