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Red Russian Garlic Scapes
(available annually, only in June)

Whether fresh, frozen or canned, cut like short or long like green beans, or minced-pureed, Garlic Scapes are an undiscovered delicacy little known in North America. It's time to catch up to what other countries have known, forever! 

Garlic Scape Pesto? 

Garlic Scapes sautéed and slathered onto hot, sour-dough bread?

Garlic Scapes crumbled onto home-made pizza or tossed into a soup or stir-fry in mid-December?


Garlic Scapes have a soft garlic flavor and rich aroma that too few have enjoyed. They are cut in early to mid-June, to ensure all the plants' energy moves into the bulbs before the July harvest. This practice ensures extra nutrients are directed toward the bulb during its final weeks of growing. The garlic scape season is short - about 2 weeks. Then, they're gone. Watch for it!

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